Export process foods and agriculture products

Ngày 14/06/2017
Exporting agricultural products is one of Five TC main activities. We are operating as a trader and broker in this area. Our main products are: pepper, star aniseed, cinnamon, cashew nuts, coffee, green tea, desiccated coconut and rice….All these products are cultivated, harvested and processed in Vietnam.

We are able to export large volumes of high quality products as per customers' orders. With strong and insight experience, we are committed to serving our customers with perfect end-to-end services from order to receipt. We are willing to share the insight information on the agriculture product market in Vietnam with all the stakeholders of the whole supply chain from suppliers to consumers.

Customer satisfaction is our mission. Our strict selection criteria of high capable and reputable suppliers ensure high quality products exported to consumers.

Ms. Hoang Hanh Lam – the CEO with more than 13 year experience in exporting Vietnamese products – has strong passion on adding value in the chain to export Vietnamese agricultural products to international markets.